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Technicians at Work
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Skilled Technical Labor

Bad Company  - Technical Solutions supplies an expansive technical labor force for the construction market. Our technicians are pulled from different backgrounds and skills. We know the importance of fleshing out your work force with the right staff. A proper crew is crucial to the success and morale of any project. In this way we know we are similar to a dating site, to match you with the best technician for the job. The more information you can provide of the job and needed skills, the better we can hone in the correct technician. Bad Company is invested in our crew. We regularly train our crew in different trades and technology to expand their skills. Often times we send a crew member to get certified on the necessary program or equipment to be better qualified for the job.

 One of the most important traits we instill in our team is the ability to learn, adapt, and grow. We are often tasked to support specialists who need to train on the very specific job at hand. We ensure our technicians are ready to meet the challenge and learn the new skills quickly.

Please contact us and find out how we can supply you with trained, disciplined technicians. 

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